The Donna Litas Laser Doves EP. Availible now on Bandcamp.

The Donna Litas, step to the table with their debut 2011 EP "Laser Doves". Self produced by the Donna Litas, their debut EP release Laser Doves serves up 7 songs which the band wrote during the winter/fall of 2010. The EP was recorded spring 2011, and was released for digital download on Bandcamp August 10th, 2011.


"As songs like "Who Needs A Hero" and "Movie Star" demonstrate, he (Sean Rioux) and his bandmates know their way around a catchy hook, while elsewhere– say, on "Rest Assured"– they show just enough post-punk influences that they transcend the label of "generic rock band". It's a pretty intriguing beginning, and if it's a sign of things to come, the The Donna Litas might be a band worth watching."

- Matthew Pollesel, i(heart)music

Formed in summer 2009, the Donna Litas are singer, keyboardist and producer Sean Rioux, guitarists and song writers Adam Dunn, and Phil Jonasson, bassist Andrew Jonasson, and drummer Justin Orr.